Welcome to Bucketloadof...Fish!

Welcome to Bucketloadof...Fish! The fishing website for all fishermen and anglers.

Definition of fishing

  • The art, occupation or sport of catching fish
  • A place to catch fish

This all sounds very easy doesn't it? But anyone who partakes in fishing will tell you that it is much harder than sitting at a riverbank, or on a boat, with a fishing rod waiting for a fish to take your bait. Fishing comes in many styles and forms from fishing disciplines - Sea Fishing, Fly (or Game) Fishing and Coarse Fishing, to fishing for a particular species - Bass Fishing, Pike Fishing, Carp Fishing, Chub Fishing, Salmon Fishing etc. Our site aims to cover all of these topics and we hope to appeal to every different type of angler who uses the internet.

Our sections will include fishing news, articles on topics of interest to a particular type of fisherman, places to buy fishing equipment, places to fish, and much more. Our aim is to appeal to all types of fisherman, as our research has shown that although many anglers can take part in all fishing disciplines, there is usually a particular fishing type that they enjoy more than the others. By designing our site in the way that we have, you can come to the site as a fisherman purely interested in Sea Fishing, and we will deliver to you a complete section on Sea fishing, without you having to wade through pages and pages of irrelevant information about other types of fishing that you have no interest in.

Our website will include all the usual fishing tackle you would hope to see including reels, rods, line, lures, flies, clothing, footwear, and additional accessories.

For us, this is a very exciting website, and we hope that we can capture the essence of fishing within our pages. Once we have launched we would be delighted to get your feedback as the user, as this website is for you, and by telling us what you want to see, we can improve on what we believe will be one of the industry's leading fishing websites.

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