The trials and tribulations of Barbel Fishing

Barbel fishing, including general advice on fishing for barbell, what baits to use and what tackle to consider.

Barbel Fishing fishermen, will always tell you, that the Barbel is the best coarse fish to put up a fight when hooked. The barbel is pure muscle, and once hooked, it will use every ounce of it's strength to break free, usually leaving the fisherman with aching arms (or a broken line!).

Next, you then have the size of the Barbel to contend with when Barbel fishing. The current British record is 21lb 1oz, and was caught by Grahame King on the river ouse. Looking at the records across the rivers of the United Kingdom, you will find the smallest "record" starts at 7lb 2oz, which was caught at drapers osiers bed by Jim Knight. A fine specimen of the barbell should weigh in excess of 10lbs, and you can usually tell when you have hooked one, as they immediately transform into a polaris submarine, and take off along the river bed at high speed with great force. An if the fisherman isn't prepared or set up to catch a barbell, then their fishing rod might just follow the direction of the fish!

Barbel are found in rivers (mainly fast flowing water), and sometimes are stocked in still waters. They are classed as "bottom feeders", and their natural diet includes fly larvae (may fly, dragon fly and caddis fly), as well as snails, worms and gudgeon.

To catch a barbel, you can use all kinds of different bait, the usual being, maggots, casters, and hemp, to the slightly unusual of luncheon meat, crust, sweetcorn, sausage meat or any combination of these.

Most, if not all fishermen, will use a baitrunner reel when fishing for barbell, as this allows the fish to pick up the bait, swim off and swallow it. This gives the hook a much better chance of snagging the fish. The baitrunner also allows the fisherman to control his or her fight with the fish, increasing or decreasing the line tension as they see fit. All this allows the fisherman enough "play", and (hopefully) control the direction of the barbel without breaking the line.

Our website aims to bring all topics of barbell fishing to you, including reviews, tackle, advice, hints and tips, and places to catch barbel.

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