General Information on Bass Fishing

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Bass Fishing can take place in many different forms. You can catch Bass from the beach, or you can fish for Bass from a boat. Boats used to catch Bass include chartered boats, pleasure boats (including dingys), and a rapidly growing area of fishing for bass from a boat – kayak fishing. You can also catch Bass, fishing from Rocks, Piers and harbour walls.

Bass can be found in river estuaries as well as the open sea, however, they are, in the main, shallow water fish. This is why, if you go on a Bass fishing trip out to sea, your captain will head towards reefs, where the water will be "shallower".

Generally the best time to catch Bass starts in April and ends in October. As for the times to finish throughout the day (and night), evenings, dusk, dawn and night are highly recommended when fishing for bass.

Bass, like many fish, are always on the lookout for an easy supply of food, therefore when trying to decide where to fish, consider areas where food might collect together. Examples of these types of areas would include, large rocks, especially where big gaps appear between the rocks that allow food to collect. Other areas would include places where boats and fishermen discard their bait, such as piers and inside harbours. Further out to sea, reefs and wrecks are popular with Bass due to the abundance of available food.

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