What to consider when Chub Fishing

Chub fishing advice, hints and tips when looking to find chub, different techniques and baits for catching chub, fishing tackle used to catch chub.

Chub fishing usually takes place in rivers, however they can also be found in still waters. Three main techniques used to catch chub include float fishing, fly fishing and ledger fishing. Chub fishing can also include fishing with a lure or a spinner.

Like all fish, chub prefer highly oxygenated waters, therefore they can be found near (or in) weir pools. Also look out for areas that would allow the chub to hide, as they prefer to surprise their victims from weeds or objects in the water (e.g. tree branches).

Chub sizes vary greatly, the average chub is between 2lb and 3lb, however you will often see chub caught well above 5lb.

The chub's enormous mouth sees it eating just about anything, from maggots and casters, to worms, through to cheese, luncheon meat and even beef. Realistically, if it moves, (or even if it doesn't move!), and it fits in the chubs mouth, it will have a go at eating it.

When fishing for chub , remember that another reason the chub likes weed beds and underwater obstructions, is that it gives the chub an ideal opportunity to break or snag the fishing line if it gets hooked. Therefore heavy lines and big, strong hooks can offer the fisherman some protection against the chubs tactics. However don't always go for the safest option as it is possible (and much more satisfying to catch chub on a light line with a much smaller hook.

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