Definition of Coarse Fishing: The term used throughout Great

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Depending on the attitude of the angler (and their dedication to coarse fishing), you will find three main types of this discipline. Firstly some anglers fish, purely for the pleasure of relaxing by the canal, river or lake, trying to catch a fish without putting too much effort in. The pleasure angler might not be too despondent if they come home empty handed. The match fisherman, on the other hand, MUST catch fish (and lots of them!). They will be part of a fishing competition or contest, with the aim being to catch as many fish (or the highest weight of fish) as possible, within a certain time frame. Competitions can be locally (e.g. at a local fishing pond), they can be regionally, or they can be national or international contests with big rewards for the top placed fishermen.

Finally, there is the specimen hunter. This angler is usually looking to catch just one particular species of fish. All his fishing equipment will be geared towards catching a particular type of coarse fish, such as Carp, Pike, Barbel or Chub. There are also specimen hunters that like to fish for Catfish.

As with all types of fishing, the bait used for coarse fishing is hugely important. Ground bait is usually thrown into the water in your "fishing spot", when float or ledger fishing. This is used to attract any nearby fish into your "area". Baits can include maggots, bread, sweet corn, luncheon meat and night crawlers. Also for specimen hunters, boilies are very popular with Carp Fishermen, and live bait is often used to catch Pike, (live bait being a small fish used to attract the Pike, such as gudgeon).

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