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Salmon Fishing is immensely popular in Scotland, in part, due to the fact that Salmon are found in nearly all Scottish rivers, regardless of their size. Also, fantastic salmon fishing can be found in all parts of Scotland.

The best time to catch Salmon in Scotland is September / October time, and you will have a huge choice of venues to go and catch Salmon. You will also need to consider which fishing tackle to take, which fishing flies to use, and plan your tactics on how you are going to find the Salmon in the first place, as well as convincing them to take your bait.

There are many different types of Salmon flies to consider, including Ally’s Shrimp, Jock Scott, Stoat’s Tail, Thunder and Lightening, Cascade and Black Boar. These flies are a mixture of modern Salmon flies and traditional Salmon flies.

Technique is always crucial when trying to catch Salmon, the most important point is ensuring you are fishing over a place where the Salmon will be resting. Salmon prefer water which is clean and oxygenated, as well as the flow of the river being "steady". This means the Salmon do not require much effort to maintain their current position. These positions can be found behind obstructions in the river. Salmon are also aware of the need remain hidden from predators, and will search for areas of the river providing a "natural" camouflage, such as under, overhanging trees. Local Advice is always welcome when fishing, as local knowledge can often point you to the best areas of the river to catch Salmon.

Fishing tackle should be your next consideration, and we aim to help you with this choice once our website has fully launched. We are also looking to provide you with areas to catch Salmon, as well as fishing techniques for beginners, intermediates and advanced fishermen.

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