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Sea fishing can take place in many different forms. Many people fish in the sea from "on-shore" areas. Onshore fishermen may be fishing from the beach (also known as beach casting), others fish from rocks, and finally there are those who fish from a pier (or a sea wall).

Offshore sea fishing is usually called boat fishing, although the "boat" can be from the size of a dinghy, to a row boat or kayak, through to a "runabout" or a cabin cruiser. You will also see many chartered fishing trips advertised, which are usually all day (or half day) fishing trips that go out to fish in the "open water".

The smaller the fishing vessel, the closer to the shore the fisherman must remain. As a rule of thumb these vessels tend to stick to water no more than 30 metres deep. It is also advisable for the boat to be visible from the land.

Larger boats can go much further out to sea, fishing in the "open water", also known as deep sea fishing. This discipline of fishing is for much more experienced fishermen (unless part of a trip), as a detailed knowledge of navigation, safety and the weather is essential.

When fishing out as sea, a fisherman would usually use a sea rod, coupled with a multiplier reel. These are heavy duty equipment, designed to withstand both the pressure and strain of catching large fish, as well as withstanding the corrosive effect of salt water. The lines on sea reels would generally be from 25 pounds to 55 pounds, as the types of fish likely to be caught, would be heavy.

Baits are also very important, therefore depending on the type of fish you are looking to catch, you may use an artificial lure, or live bait such as squid or mackerel.

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